/ / The Monastery Of St. Salvatore: photos, description (Kloster St. Salvator Griesbach)

The Monastery Of St. Salvatore: photos, description (Kloster St. Salvator Griesbach)

The monastery of St. Salvator is located in bad Griesbach im Rottal in the Bavarian region of Passau. It was founded in 1289 and the first few years served as a monastery. In 1309 there was a convent of the Premonstratensian order.

The main Cathedral of the monastery was twice damaged by fire in 1632 and 1701, when burned in General the whole complex of buildings. The Church was only restored in 1751 and is characterized by an unusual architectural form. The roof of the Cathedral supports a number of columns that creates the illusion of a smaller interior space. The Church interior is richly decorated with frescoes, paintings and wooden sculptures. Preserved main altar of the Church, completed in 1642, depicting the Ascension of Christ. Behind him is another of the six small chapels, each dedicated to a separate Saint. The sides are statues of the virgin Mary with child and the virgin Mary with her mother Saint Anne.

After the secularization of Church lands in 1803 the monastery was divided into two parts. In the East wing of the school was opened, and in the West brewery where monastic recipes made famous Bavarian beer "Paulaner".

In 1902, the main Cathedral of the monastery was returned to the Catholic Church, and he became the centre of the parish of St. Salvatore. Premises of the former monastery are private property and tourist visits are possible only under the personal arrangement with the owner. You can also remove the luxury apartments with fine wooden furniture. Offers just 22 rooms. The architectural complex surrounded by a Park. Even in the former convent features a beauty salon and a Golf club.