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Museum Berggruen: photos, description, Museum Berggruen)

The Berggruen gathering his collection for nearly three decades, gave one of the Berlin museums, which is included in the State registry. This collection has always occupied the minds, besides, it is considered hardly probable not the most valuable among all, which can be attributed to classic modernism. Heinz Berggruen made his city a gift, which is rightly called the Royal: collection, where you can see works by Picasso and Matisse, Alberto Giacometti and Paul Klee, now belongs to one of the city's museums.

It is known that Berggruen had not lived in their country for many years, and because his collection is so valuable in today's reality. At the end of 2000, one of the German funds - the Prussian cultural heritage Foundation has acquired the collection, the Berggruen sold not even half, and for a quarter of the cost. The total sum amounted to 253 million then German marks, and this, of course, negligible for the paintings that are part of world heritage. Today the exhibition is available at the National gallery of Berlin, more precisely in the West building of Styler.

What attracts those wishing to see the collection - is first and foremost about a hundred paintings of Picasso's genius. But the works of Henri Matisse less, but among the 20 paintings are the most famous silhouettes. It should be noted that the collector did not cease to buy works of art, moreover, periodically to give them to the Museum. So, recently - in 2005 - he bought the famous work by gouache "Nu Jaune", owned by Picasso, giving her at the famous Sotheby's nearly $ 14 million. It is also known that later - in 2006 - the famous collector donated to the Museum and a sculpture by Giacometti, which was completed in 1960 and named "Large standing woman III".

Berggruen whole era ended in February 2007 when a collector died in Paris. But now his name is known to all lovers and connoisseurs, because they named one of the most interesting museums in Berlin.