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Berlin wall Museum: pictures, description (Mauermuseum)

The Berlin wall Museum is one of those attractions that won't let you go sad and quite tragic events of the recent past. In 1961 on this point formed the border checkpoint, which lasted until 1990. It served to monitor the transition of the allies from East Berlin to West Berlin, formed after the erection of the Berlin wall. We know from history, as in one night many relatives were separated from each other without a single opportunity for a speedy reunion.

The Berlin wall Museum, which is also called checkpoint Charlie, was formed in 1962 and became not just a symbol of the collision of multiple powers, but also a place, which reflects the struggle of people for their rights. The Museum is located not far from the station Friedrichstrasse, was its founder Rainer Hildebrandt, who managed to create an exhibit reflecting the history of the Berlin wall.

This historic landmark preserves many of the materials telling about the times of existence of the Wall and those sad accidents, which were with her are inextricably linked. Of course, we are talking about the ongoing attempts of escape of inhabitants of the Eastern part of Berlin, many of them, unfortunately, ended tragically. The Museum features personal belongings of the participants of the escape, and all the objects related to the history of the Wall, and on the period works of art.

Today the Museum is dedicated to the struggle for their rights in General, it is for this reason among the exhibits you can find such as sandals and diary Gandhi, the death mask of the famous academician Andrei Sakharov. Each object will tell us about their part of the story of man's struggle for freedom and a better life.