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Museum Wallraf-Richartz: photos, description (Wallraf-Richartz Museum)

The oldest Museum of Cologne is the Museum Wallraf-Richartz located 400 metres from the Cathedral. The first mention of this building dates to 1824, it was at that time formed a Museum, which was the last will and Testament of Ferdinand Wallraf-Richartz, rector and Canon of Cologne. He gave the town all his vast collection, which included various Church things are subjected to confiscation as a result of secularization. Only three years later, the collection is partly available to the General public.

Museum Wallraf-Richartz has a rich history with a length of almost two centuries, for all time of its existence, he had to replace four buildings. The last structure of the cubic form was opened in 2001 on its construction labored architect Oswald Unger. The Museum includes a 3.5 thousand square meters dedicated to exhibition halls, it houses paintings and drawings from the middle Ages. The year 2001 brought the Museum an invaluable replenishment: a collector from Switzerland Gerard Corbu presented his collection of impressionist paintings.

Among the collections of the XIII-XVI centuries, you can see a collection of works (who took possession of the altars in the monasteries and churches that underwent secularization. The most famous exhibits are the work of Stefan Lochner and Albrecht dürer and artists of the Cologne school. Exhibition of art of the XVI-XVII centuries is exhibited mostly paintings of Francois Boucher, Rubens, Peter and the other disciples of the Dutch school.

The number of items in the collection of graphics reaches 75 thousand, you can see a variety of miniatures, written on parchment, as well as sketches and drawings that cover the period from the Middle ages to the twentieth century.