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Goethe Museum: photos, description (Goethe-Museum)

Goethe Museum, located in the city of düsseldorf can be rightly called the most important Museum of the city. Here are stored and exhibited those items that belong to the private collection of Anton Kippenberg. This exhibition is considered to be special for the reason that this collector his entire life was devoted to collecting things related to the German philosopher, poet and scientist Goethe.

Kippenberg wanted in düsseldorf, the Museum was created; this work after his death began the daughter of the collector. For the right to represent in your city meeting devoted to Goethe, fought many city States, but that düsseldorf became the winner of this fight. Under Goethe Museum has been allocated one of the historical buildings, the castle, Agerhof. Since 1987 this building is on display and carefully stored collection.

The design of the castle, where the contemporary Museum Goethe was engaged in Aachen master named the City after him by the architect Nicola de Pigage have been some adjustments that were made according to the order of the elector Theodor. The future building project was completely ready before the birth of Goethe, but the construction work was completed only in 1772. In 1776 Agerhof were attacked by revolutionaries who ransacked the building after that he became useless. Its restoration began only in 1811, which was associated with the expected arrival of Napoleon.

The Museum presented the exhibition devoted to the work and life of the great German poet. There are about 35 thousand items, but only some of them appear to the public at permanent exhibitions.