/ / The old Kurhaus: photos, description (Altes Kurhaus Aachen)

The old Kurhaus: photos, description (Altes Kurhaus Aachen)

The building is Old Kursaal quite notable in the background of all the other monuments of architecture and history, located in Aachen. The city, which impresses with its graceful shapes from different eras, you can enjoy activities that today are held in the Kurhaus. Historically, the building is used to hold balls of different sizes. The very architecture and interior of the building demonstrate a combination of several styles: classicism, Baroque, and even the echoes of the Gothic.

The main advantage of the Old building of the Kurhaus experts believe acoustics: the sounds floating around the room, creating the desired effect. In addition to the balls at the Kursaal is customary to hold concerts - quite intimate but with a great sound of orchestral or choral music. Seminars and conferences, meetings, secular lions and lionesses, the Old Kurhaus always ready for the next guests, which demonstrates the good taste and nobility of their origin.

This building is now in the list of the most popular in the city, the luxurious Baroque stucco ceilings and walls, which is also decorated with gilding, perfect for creating a festive atmosphere. One of the highlight of the Old building of the Kurhaus are the exquisite chandelier with lots of crystal and wonderful refraction of light creates an incredibly festive lighting, an air of thousands glare.