/ / The Museum of spirits in the House Farina: photos, description (Duftmuseum im Farina-Haus)

The Museum of spirits in the House Farina: photos, description (Duftmuseum im Farina-Haus)

Fragrance Museum in Farina House is located in one of the buildings of the city of Cologne, where once lived the famous Italian Johann Maria Farin. He decided and then implemented it - opened the first factory for the production of perfumes, here "born" Cologne called "Eau de Cologne".

Beginning in 1709, the Italian conducted numerous experiments in order to collect a variety of floral aromas to create a unique perfume. The first his invention was a "Cologne water". Later was opened a perfume factory, where in 1723, was already established mass production of spirits. But the popularity of newly emerging brand could bring subsequently only the French. It was in France began to sell "Cologne water", which became known and highly sought - Cologne.

House of Farina is not only a Museum of perfume, here and now functioning perfume factory, produces colognes perfumers in the eighth generation. In 2006, this House was awarded "house" for participation in the German contest. The sculpture of the Italian Johann Maria Farina can be seen among the sculptures on city hall, where the most outstanding figures of Cologne.

The Museum of spirits in the House Farina offers to get acquainted with the whole history of the perfume factory. The exhibits are on several floors, here you can see samples of a variety of equipment used in the manufacture of spirits, as well as detailed descriptions of the entire process. Numerous photographs and paintings that show the various working points, the collection bottles will be immersed in an amazing world of beautiful scents. The entire interior of the Museum is designed in vintage style, and tour guides dressed in costumes of the Rococo era.