/ / The toy Museum: photos, description (Mitspielzeugmuseum)

The toy Museum: photos, description (Mitspielzeugmuseum)

The toy Museum is located in the South-East of the Saxon town of Leipzig, in the district of Stoetteritz, better known as simply "Strict". It was opened in 2004 and operates as an important social and pedagogical center. Here are the toys of the former GDR and other socialist bloc countries.

The Museum was born in 2001, but for a long time roamed through the city without a permanent address. Only on 9 November 2004 he was able to stay in the house 1A street Friedhofstrasse where he is now.

The Museum is enriched with various donations, including from private collectors. All there are about 3000 toys thematically divided into the following categories: designers, cars, airplanes, Railways, Board games, Christmas toys, dolls and famous Teddy bears "Teddy". Still presents detailed dollhouses and toy store store. The Museum hosts various exhibitions: "First time in first class", "History playing cards" "All bath", "What do you find under the Christmas tree" and others. Visitors can also read vintage children's books and feature films.

The Museum was created thanks to the activities of public benefit organizations Mehrweg e.V, which defined the project idea as follows - Association of representatives of different generations and nationalities with the aim of preserving the memory of a bygone era. So many Museum exhibits are of particular historical interest and the Museum is mostly dedicated to everyday life of the former socialist bloc countries.