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Karl Terme: photo description (Carolus Thermen)

Since the mineral springs - one of the most likely causes of education of the city of Aachen where he is today, it is quite clear that Karl baths, which is located in the city centre, just fifteen minutes away from the town Hall, very popular among residents and tourists.

On the place where now stands the building, even in the Roman era was located exactly baths: proximity to the hot springs automatically determined the place of construction of the complex. But more familiar to the baths, which were built at the end of the year 798 by order of Charlemagne himself. Today the baths are represented by three separate buildings combined into one ensemble. On the territory of term of Karl can be found about four dozen different pools, various Jacuzzis, well-equipped rooms for rest and massage. There is also an outdoor area where in good weather you can be happy to adopt the procedures and at the same time to bask in the sun.

Speaking about the procedures and treatment cannot be overlooked: here they are divided into three areas - the Baltic, Eastern and sauna in the garden. Each block is isolated, but it is interesting that the atmosphere and furnishings in them matches the name. In addition, strikes and a range of treatments: classic Finnish sauna will offer their services and herbal will be the basis for relax, a program for the legs and a sauna with svetlicinii considered the most modern of all.

The building, as are the pools, was repeatedly rebuilt and removeroles, so today we can say that these baths is perhaps the most famous in Western Europe, the complex, which can offer treatment for numerous diseases in different fields of medicine. If we talk about the architecture, the baths represent the mixing of the traditions, and the interior is impressive Baroque luxury combined with bold modern trends.