/ / Museum of books and writing: photos, description (Deutsches Buch - und Schriftmuseum)

Museum of books and writing: photos, description (Deutsches Buch - und Schriftmuseum)

Museum of books and writing is the oldest among all the museums in Germany a similar direction. It was founded in Leipzig in 1885. As the basis of this unique cultural and educational space was based on a collection of well known German publisher, and bibliophile terminal.

This Museum in 1950, became one of the divisions of the East German library, thus was the beginning for future unions or extensions. In 1990, when the agreement was signed on the reunification of Germany, the library was connected with the West, which is located in Frankfurt am main. Since then, the Museum of books and writing has become an integral part of such institutions under Federal jurisdiction, which bore the title "the German library".

Here visitors can see the valuable and unique samples and copies of book culture, paperwork and writing. Their number reaches more than 500 thousand. This diversity is not indifferent to any tourist or local resident, decided to learn more about the history of such an interesting book.

Here you can find numerous incunabula, manuscripts and rare editions from the XVI-XX centuries, collections of paper, font, watermark, printing machines or models of paper mills. In addition, the Museum holds samples of watermarks and book design, machines for the production of paper and books, binders, archival documents telling about the history of bookselling. As the permanent exhibition is a collection called "Book and society", which tells the story of General history of such a famous person books, but given the fact, what is its social role, as well as material form.