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Dusseldorf: photo description (Museum Garden)

More recently, a unique attraction of düsseldorf, Museum Kunstpalast, was open to visitors and tourists. Recently ended quite a long time renovation of the building. This Museum holds in its walls a huge number of different sculptures and paintings, photographs and various objects made of glass. Kunstpalast is a real Palace of art.

The history of this beautiful place began in 1710, during this period, the elector Johann Wilhelm of the Palatinate with his wife from the Medici began the construction of the gallery in düsseldorf. Here are exhibited numerous works of foreign artists. In 1805, most of the exhibits were taken to Munich, the rest went to the Academy of arts of the city.

In 1846, the gallery reopened its doors to the public - then she was able to purchase paintings of artists of the school of arts Dusseldorf. In 1913, the Savoy theater was transformed into the Museum of fine arts, and 13 years later moved to new and more spacious building.

In 1993 the Museum there was a big fire in which the building was severely damaged and needed not only capital repairs, but also reconstruction. Savoy theater was reopened only in 2001.

Currently, here are the collection of the five areas, among them there is a sculpture, modern and applied art, picture gallery and glass Museum, and a collection of prints. Everyone can see the huge number of works of art, whose number reaches one hundred thousand. True pride of this Museum are paintings by Rubens, including his "Venus and Adonis" and "the assumption".