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Ludwig Museum: photos, description (Museum Ludwig)

The Museum Ludwig in Cologne is one of the most important attractions of the city. Here is a unique collection of works of contemporary art. Thanks to the art collector and industrialist of Germany, Peter Ludwig and his wife made possible the improvement of the exposition. They gave the city his fine collection in the style of pop art, which included more than 350 paintings, which formed the basis of the Ludwig Museum.

Despite such a significant contribution to the cultural life of Cologne, the couple continued to develop and Fund the Museum. Currently, an extensive contemporary art collection and exhibition of historical photographs and books about art. The total area of exhibition halls has about 8 thousand square meters, making it one of the most impressive and important modern art museums in Europe.

Collections include works that reflect different time epochs: here you can see the paintings of the modern era and the works of his contemporaries. The special value of the Museum present the exhibition of American pop art, owned by such prominent individuals as Robert Indiana, Jasper Johns and Roy Lichtenstein. Not to mention a rather extensive collection of Russian avant-garde early XX century and many works of the great Pablo Picasso.

On the project of a modern building, the Museum Ludwig worked Oswald, Ungers, as a result, in the centre of Cologne was built a lovely house, sheltered within its walls a unique collection and exhibition, which occupies two floors. This building was opened in 1986. Today the Museum continues to actively acquire and to replenish the Museum with new exhibits and also hosts major exhibitions of international level, which attract residents and visitors alike.