/ / Museum freak show: photo, description, public beach Hamburg)

Museum freak show: photo, description, public beach Hamburg)

Museum freak show is one of the oldest wax museums in Germany. His story began in Hamburg in 1879, and to this day this landmark attracts many visitors, including not only tourists but also local residents.

At the very beginning of its existence in the freak show, exhibited the figures of those people who was particularly celebrated in any case, there can be seen fraudulent mayors and even criminals, to learn about the history of Hamburg. The wax Museum is a family business, the Creator of the figures was made by the owner of the freak show Herman Ferber and his father-in-law Friedrich Ferdinand, Haze. In a further continuation of the case involved the other members of this talented family.

In addition to the personalities and events of international importance, among which were various kings and princes, or eminent men of the city, among the expositions of the Museum can be found a suit of armor, and weapons, dioramas dedicated to particularly significant events in Hamburg. The PANOPTICON was known for his quick reaction to the events happening around, and no matter whether it was a public scandal or a change of Minister or a king. Museum visitors can see exhibitions information about these incidents and not just learn about their participants, but in some measure a witness of all that happened.

During the war years the Museum has suffered greatly, special damage affected it in 1943, when the freak show was a massive fire, in which all collections were only 19 items. Despite this tragedy, craftsmen wax art were able to recover a unique exhibition. Currently in the Museum of the PANOPTICON to the public includes 120 pieces, among them are Stalin, Princess Diana, Einstein, Roosevelt, Schiller, Hitler, Goethe and many others.