/ / The manor Gut Kalkofen: photos, description (Gut Kalkofen)

The manor Gut Kalkofen: photos, description (Gut Kalkofen)

One of the most interesting estates Aachen - Gut Kalkofen - known from time immemorial. Construction of the estate belongs to the 14th century. Its first owner was the mayor of Aachen Arnold von Kalkofen - hence the name, securing the estate for centuries. Then the traces of the building history will be lost, and the next mention can be found in the marriage contract of Adam von Haren and Frau Agnes von Weyer 15th century.

As almost always in private hands, the estate has been preserved to our times in spite of war and destruction. Today, as centuries ago, is a complex of buildings, which is built surrounded by meadows. The first time the manor was rebuilt and, therefore, became interesting from an architectural point of view in the distant 1750. The author of the project was the renowned architect Johann Josef Couvin.

The estate was built in the best traditions of Romanesque structures, but its original tower and courtyard give it the charm today. Among the most important items can be selected a round tower, which unites South and East wing: massive construction smooths out different styles and is a kind of hallmark of the entire estate.

In the early 20th century the estate was a beautiful garden in which undoubtedly added to her beauty. However, during the Second world war, the building was considerably damaged and required reconstruction. In 1956 the estate was closed and until 1983 its fate has been disappointing. But reconstruction began in 1983 and ended in 1989, returned Aahana Gut Kalkofen, and today this attraction pleases tourists and local people.