/ / Museum Trier Cathedral: photos, description (Museum am Dom Trier)

Museum Trier Cathedral: photos, description (Museum am Dom Trier)

Museum Trier Cathedral (Episcopal or diocesan Museum) located in the vicinity of the ancient temple - in a former city jail. Its extensive collection is located in this building in the classical style since 1988.

The beginning of this collection of works of Christian art put in the lapidary (the exposition of stone monuments, sculptures and slabs) Cathedral of St. Peter. The first exhibits in the collection are fragments of ancient altars, sarcophagi and tombstones. Later he added to them valuable finds discovered in the excavations in the Cathedral and around it.

The most valuable exhibits of the collection are samples of late art era of the first Christian Emperor Constantine, in particular ceiling frescoes from the Palace of his mother Helena. 15 it is fairly well-preserved fragments of the decoration of the ceremonial hall of the Palace, transferred trisomy bishops for the Cathedral. One of the female portraits in the frescoes presumably depicts the Holy Elena.

Also in the Museum Trier Cathedral, the icons and crucifixes 12-20 centuries, various epitaphs of the early Christian era, several bishops ' tombstones. Widely represented works of folk art on Christian themes, paintings and sculptural images of Christ from different eras and styles.