/ / The Faberge Museum: photos, description (Faberge Museum)

The Faberge Museum: photos, description (Faberge Museum)

Carl Faberge Museum was opened in Baden-Baden in 2009. This is the only permanent exhibition in the world devoted to the history and works of jewelry Faberge. In конце18-th century in St. Petersburg, Peter Carl Gustavovich fabergé founded the family jewelry firm and became the progenitor of a dynasty of craftsmen.

The founder of the collection is the Muscovite Alexander Ivanov, who said that for the purchase of exhibits and the opening of the Museum has been spent 17 million euros.

The Museum's collection contains more than seven hundred works of jewelry art - Faberge. In addition to the extensive exhibition of jewelry at the Museum presents collection of household items made of precious metals inlaid stones. Also in the Museum you can see one of the world's largest collection of cigarette cases, an exhibition of carved stone figures and a large collection of things made of copper with a famous brand "War 1914".

One of the most interesting exhibits is the Faberge egg, which was the owner Baron Edouard de Rothschild. This egg was made in 1902 as a gift to his engagement. The Museum presents three so-called "Imperial Easter eggs", made by goldsmiths from the order of the Royal family.

The Museum also features an interesting exhibition on the history of the dynasty Faberge containing personal photos and archives of the family. In addition to the jewelry exhibition the Museum has 50 vintage cars and motorcycles, issued in the beginning of the last century, with all the exhibits on the move and is perfectly preserved.