/ / Museum Schnutgen in the Church. Cecilia: photo description (Schnuetgen)

Museum Schnutgen in the Church. Cecilia: photo description (Schnuetgen)

Museum Schnutgen is in the building of the Church of St. Cecilia. This is one of the ancient basilicas of Cologne, built in the X century and is a unique and beautiful monument of Romanesque architecture. The name of the Museum was due to one of the city's residents, who decided to donate his collection of various paintings, tapestries, and special decorations and other interesting items to the Museum.

Currently, special attention is awarded to the exhibition, including exhibits, made more than ten centuries ago. In the Museum of Snuten can be seen as stone and wooden sculptures, and masterpieces of jewelry art, samples of textiles and stained glass made from ivory. A feature of the exhibitions is the fact that almost all their items have a religious orientation, and the available paintings illustrate many subjects of the Bible.

Each visitor has the opportunity to see the magnificent clothing worn by the Ministers of the Church. Despite the fact that the fabric may look frayed, they are quite complex and textured embroidery. The location of the Museum in the Church building of St. Cecilia attached to all exhibits extraordinary atmosphere filled with spirituality and purity.

The Church building is in the Romanesque architectural style, as evidenced by the towers of incredible beauty, but also a huge number of Lancet Windows, which are located around the perimeter of the structure. The appearance can be called a truly magnificent and extremely impressive, but such emotions are not only the appearance of the building outside, inside the facilities are also beautiful and fascinating.