/ / Chocolate Museum: photos, description (Schokoladenmuseum)

Chocolate Museum: photos, description (Schokoladenmuseum)

Cologne is one of the most developed cultural centers of Germany, these tend to come those wishing to explore the unique historical treasures and works of art. A huge number of tourists and vacationers never ceases to amaze unusual attractions, one of which is the chocolate Museum.

This attractive Museum was created in 1993 thanks to the well-known confectionery firm called "Imhoff-Shtollverk". The company's history began in 1839 when it was founded by Hans Imhoff, and its products became popular, and subsequently very well known. The chocolate Museum is very popular, it is visited every year a large number of residents and guests of the city, it is among the ten most famous museums in the country.

To dive into this fascinating world of chocolate, you need to go to the Peninsula Rheinauhafen. It was here on an area of over 2 thousand sq m is presented in this fascinating exhibition. The building of the Museum of chocolate in their appearance resembles a large ship. The exhibition contains objects that illustrate in detail the history of chocolate jam, which starts from the time of the Aztecs and ends with modernity, with its new advanced technologies in this field.

Here you can learn about ancient cooking recipes of some dishes. In the chocolate Museum hosted a huge number of photos, deserve special attention by those images of the first laboratory, where he carried out checks on the quality of the chocolate. It was created back in 1869.

The Museum is divided into several parts, where you can see the products used for the manufacture of chocolate, to see the full cycle of chocolate production at the factory, visit a pastry shop, shop and café.