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Carl's fountain: photos, description (Karlsbrunnen)

Carl's fountain, which everyone can see on the Central square in Aachen, depicts the Emperor Charlemagne. The statue dates back to 1620, but according to legend it was brought to Aachen from Belgium, where she performed the famous sculptor Johann Joseph Couvin. Two years later, in the fountain added a bronze sculpture of a fish, and later was made special taps from which residents could draw water. In 1792, the statue travelled to Paris, becoming a trophy of the French in the war, but thanks to the efforts of the mayor of Aachen Johann Wilhelm Gottfried in 1804, the inhabitants of the city once again saw her at the usual place. The statue was "lucky" she was not injured during the war that did not spare many of the monuments of Germany in the 20th century. Since 1969, authentic sculpture stands in the city Hall, and fountain Carla did an exact copy.

Large bronze fountain bowl is located above a rock pool, which also has its own small figure, and Karl habitually dominates the square, looking through his eyes. The heyday of Aachen associated with it, with the Emperor Charlemagne, who not only built the most remarkable city monuments, but also turned the city into a famous European resort.

Carl's fountain - just one of the many fountains which the city is famous for, but it surely is perfectly inscribed in the composition is spare and continues the style of the Gothic town hall.