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Emigration: photos, description (Hamburg)

The Museum of emigration in Hamburg is located in the area called Veddel, it was opened in 2007 in the place where in the XX century was the local "city of immigrants", created through the efforts of albert Ballina, Director of a large shipping company.

The main activity of the company HAPAG was the transportation of immigrants to America from Europe. It began its work in 1847, the beginning of the XX century the number of displaced persons has reached several thousand. For this reason, in 1901, according to the decision of Ballina, started building houses, which served as a temporary shelter for immigrants. In the period 1850-1938 years through this shipping company left the Old world for about 5 million people who had fled were those who sought to get rid of the constant poverty, and those who have fled from religious or political persecution.

The emigration Museum tells about the history and routes of human migrations, about how the fate of some of the settlers. What Hamburg was for those people a real port of dreams. In a city of immigrants, was built about 30 buildings, but unfortunately none of them survived to these days. On the site of previous buildings was built a Museum complex consisting of 3 buildings.

The three buildings are the research center with an electronic terminal to search for their ancestors, a large exhibition called "Port of dreams", where there are historical exhibits and interactive elements. Here you can get acquainted with the life of immigrants and to learn about the reasons that prompted them to go in search of a better life. In one of the halls of the Museum is an attractive restaurant with original furniture Dating from the early XX century.