/ / Museum of erotic art: photos, description Erotic Art Museum Hamburg)

Museum of erotic art: photos, description Erotic Art Museum Hamburg)

In November 1992 in Hamburg at the Bernhard-Nocht Strasse 69 first opened the doors to the Museum of erotic art. In 1997 he moved, and the 10-year anniversary in 2002, returned to the old place, and at the moment, the area of the exhibition halls has 2000 sq. m.

The theme of eroticism have always interested artists, but until now nobody dared to put frivolous works to the General public. Klaus Becker decided to change the situation, and his idea proved to be successful. For the first 10 years of existence, the Museum visitors were more than 2 million people.

In 2005 the Hamburg artist Friedrich Frahm joined the collection of the Museum of new art in quantity of 1200 pieces. In 2007 the Museum was closed, but the FRAM managed to defend the right of further use of the Museum halls. Also he was allowed to continue to use the name of Erotic Art Museum. In 2012, the Museum building was built new premises and the address was changed to Bernard-Nocht Straße 75-79. To date, the basis of the permanent exhibition are about 650 works.

What happened to the rest of the work, it is not possible to install. The trial between Klaus Becker is the founder of the first Museum and Drill Osmani - owner of the company, purchased under the hammer the old Museum back, and could not clarify the contentious issue. The public does not cease to hope that sooner or later the missing part of the collection shows up again, because it contains works by such great authors as George Grosz, Otto Dix, Pablo Picasso, Keith Haring and Tomi Ungerer.