/ / Museum complex on Schaumainkai: photos, description (Schaumainkai)

Museum complex on Schaumainkai: photos, description (Schaumainkai)

Waterfront Showmance is the whole complex of museums

Museum of applied art was opened in 1983 in a converted building, uniting the house of the Biedermeier mansion Metzler. Here are magnificent collection of objects of applied art from Europe and Asia. Nearby is the Museum of Ethnography.

The Museum of architecture is located in an avant-garde building, built under the project O. M. Ungers. Besides the permanent exhibition, the Museum organises temporary exhibitions dedicated to architecture of the twentieth century.

Nearby is the German film Museum, which houses many documents and objects relating to the history of the film industry. The Museum has a private screening room that showcases old and rare movies.

The sculpture Museum is located in the House Liebig. Here you can see works from antiquity to mannerism, Baroque and Rococo. Including fine examples of ancient Egyptian art, art of the Renaissance and Neoclassicism.

The Staedel art Institute bears the name of its founder, banker Johann Friedrich Städel, who in 1815 bequeathed his art collection to the city. The Museum grew through gifts and acquisitions. On the ground floor of buildings house temporary exhibitions of paintings and drawings. The second floor is devoted to the works of art of XIX-XX centuries. The third are the old masters were European artists XIV-XVIII centuries, including paintings by Botticelli, Bosch, Jan van Eyck, Jan Vermeer, Rembrandt, Watteau and many other famous artists.