/ / The Museum complex Ehrenhof: photos, description (Ehrenhof)

The Museum complex Ehrenhof: photos, description (Ehrenhof)

The Museum Ehrenhof complex, located in düsseldorf, was founded in 1926 under the proposed architect Wilhelm Krizem project. Located on the banks of the river Rhine, this residence is for more than one decade to raise the cultural level of the residents and tourists. Currently, Ehrenhof combines several museums: there is a Palace of art and art Museum and a large concert hall and an exhibition entitled "People and economy".

The basis of all the exhibits Ehrenhof is a collection compiled in the eighteenth century a fairly rich family of Jan Velema. Here you can see more of 100 thousand of sculptures and paintings, objects of art and graphics.

At the Art Museum for visitors to the collection, which contains unique paintings of the famous artists who lived in the period from XVI to XX century. In another, no less fascinating exhibition, one can trace the course of development of the city, from ancient times to the modern reality.

The Museum Ehrenhof complex consists of four buildings which are arranged in the form of a horseshoe. On the roof of one of the buildings is a beautiful sculpture "Aurora", its author was made by Arno Breker. In the Central part there is a beautiful fountain, where the distinct pleasure to spend time in a hot summer day. Various sculptures are located not only in the inner rooms of the Museum complex, but on the lawn of his yard. Most impressive in size is the statue of the Rhino.