/ / Museum island: photos, description (Museumsinsel)

Museum island: photos, description (Museumsinsel)

The area between the arms of the river spree and the Park Lustgarten called Museum island. Here a few museums contain masterpieces of world art from ancient times to the twentieth century.

In 1830 there was built the Old building of the Museum, decorated with 18-TEW ionic columns and a broad external staircase. The Museum is part of the collection of the National gallery (belonging to the twentieth century), Cabinet graphics prints XV-XX centuries and the artistic heritage of Adolf von Menzel, K. F. Schinkel and G. Schadow.

In the Old National Galerie stored paintings and sculptures of masters of the XVIII-XIX centuries, including works by Cezanne, Degas, Rodin, Rauch, Schadow, and many others.

The Pergamon Museum was built in the years 1912-1930. The main exhibit is the Pergamon altar, the altar of Zeus, adorned with a sculptural frieze (II century BC), found in the vicinity of Smyrna in the late nineteenth century. In the Pergamon Museum houses the Ishtar gate is also covered with glazed tiles of dark blue and yellow. They were erected by the Babylonian king Nabuchodonosor in 580 BC, Here is the Islamic Museum where you can see the facade and parts of the castle Mshatta, Persian rugs and a collection of miniatures.

In the building of the Bode Museum houses several museums: the Egyptian Museum with huge collection of ancient papyrus; a Museum of early Christian and Byzantine art; Art gallery, sculpture Museum and the Numismatic Cabinet.