/ / Center Museum Berlin-Dahlem: photo description (Museumszentrum Berlin-Dahlem)

Center Museum Berlin-Dahlem: photo description (Museumszentrum Berlin-Dahlem)

Center Museum Berlin-Dahlem is a Museum complex, which is located in the former estate of Dahlem. It is located in the southeastern part of the capital of Germany. This historical site is among the State museums of Berlin.

The first village in the estate of Dahl appeared in the XIX century, but in 1920 it became part of the district called Zehlendorf. After the war this place was partially involved in the Free University, and in the mid 90-ies a decision was taken to establish a Museum dedicated to food and agriculture. And now, having arrived at this place, you can see merchant shop or store 20-ies of the twentieth century and experience the atmosphere of the past.

It should be noted that center Museum Berlin-Dahlem is also a market of small size. Each visitor can if you want to buy is not just fresh, but also completely natural agricultural products. Dahl is a real renovation of a classic village estates, which very clearly demonstrates the life of German peasants in the olden times.

The first features of the Museum complex, this place began to appear under the leadership of Wilhelm von Bode. At that time he was responsible for the construction of museums, located in the district of Dahlem and Mitte. This architectural figure sought to embody the style of new objectivity, which was particularly popular in Germany in 20-ies. The essence of this style was to Express the reality and reality without romantic or idealistic add-ons.

Currently at the Museum center Berlin-Dahlem, you can see wonderful exhibits of Ethnology and Asian and European art. Their scale is so large that it takes a few days to review them.