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Musical theatre: photos, description (Laeiszhalle)

Musical theatre of Hamburg, which is also known as the Concert hall LaSalle, is considered a real asset to the city and is a huge hit among many tourists and guests. The tickets here sold out almost immediately, which speaks of the great popularity of this attraction of the city.

For the past century Lashalle is a true masterpiece of architectural art of Hamburg and the beautiful cradle of classical music. The construction of musical theater occurred in the period 1904-1908 years, it has become possible thanks to the financial support of local philanthropist leis, in honor of him and was given the title of the concert hall.

LaSalle consists of three halls: Large, Small and Sounding, each of them is special and unique. Regarding the latter, everyone can do their most favorite song, using the tools of the world level. This place can be called a realization of musical dreams into reality. At the Great hall every year are the various stars that play diverse styles of music.

Theatre LaSalle has a truly Royal view not only outside but also inside. In order to get into the wonderful world of music, visitors need to overcome only two steps at the entrance. The building itself is circular in shape, which is typical for such establishments and allows to achieve the highest quality playback of music. The concert hall is a very bright place Hamburg, he painted in a purple color, its Windows decorated with magnificent stucco. Part of the facade is complemented with three huge Windows and the Central entrance doors.

The interior looks majestic main hall Lashelle able to accommodate about 2 thousand people. The interior is done in red and trimmed with velvet, complemented by gold and white tones.