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Madler passage: photos, description (Maedlerpassage)

Madler passage is a famous shopping complex of Leipzig, located in the heart of Old town. He became known worldwide thanks to the efforts of businessmen Anton Heinrich Madler and Stromer.

The beginning of the history of this attraction can be considered as the year 1525, when the rector of the University of Leipzig, Auerbach decided to open a wine bar. 5 years later he built a new building became an exhibition hall Auerbach Hof. Despite the fact that it's been a few centuries, the cellars and vaults of the structure have remained unchanged and used as a wine bar.

To the 100 anniversary of the building there was opened an exhibition hall. In 1911 the owner of the facility was Anton medler who had their plans for construction in this place. But after many requests and messages about saving the cellar of Auerbach, Madler not only did not touch that part of the building, but was able to expand the basement by adding them to the new building.

The expansion and restructuring of the passage continued until 1914, it was used as an exhibition hall, where the audience was presented the wine, articles of leather and porcelain. Entrance to 5-storey building, which area was 8 thousand square meters, is decorated with semi-circular arch with two female sculptures holding a vase and bunches of grapes. The roof of the passage is made of glass, its Central part is a glass rotunda, one of its arches are suspended bells made from Meissen porcelain. Every hour they play a variety of folk or classical tunes.

In 1997 the building was renovated, there are now offices, but most of the area is still a variety of boutiques and shopping pavilions, attracting many tourists.