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Fountain of dolls, photos, description (Puppenbrunnen)

One of the most interesting for tourists of all ages monuments is conveniently located in the centre of Aachen. He was not so many years in the city he appeared only in 1975, but still, the image of a "puppet" of the fountain can be seen on the postcards that represent the city.

Fountain of dolls was created by one of the famous sculptors of Germany - Bonifatius by Steenbergen. His imagination, which is embodied not only in the General idea, but in execution of each of the elements of the fountain, allows us today to say that the fountain is loved not only by tourists but also by the inhabitants of Aachen.

In fact, among the sculptures of the fountain, you notice everything that is somehow connected with the history of the city. For example, the figure of the horse with a knight - this is a subtle hint at the Aachen tournaments, but the doll is evidence that the city always had a well developed textile industry. Interesting figures of harlequin and Professors identified with the educational and cultural achievements of the city, and the masks here and there - with the carnival, which by tradition is held in Aachen. Not to mention the remarkable figure of a rooster, which crowns the fountain. It is considered a symbol of the fact that the city was under the rule of the French.

Feature Fountain dolls can be considered the fact that each person can touch the figures, to change the position of the hands or feet, twist them around their axis. Each figure of the fountain is made with articulated connections. The fountain is especially popular in the warm time of the year, it happy to go both children and adults.