/ / German drama theatre: photos, description (Deutsches Schauspielhaus)

German drama theatre: photos, description (Deutsches Schauspielhaus)

In the heart of Hamburg is an amazingly beautiful institution, which is referred to as the German theatre. It was opened in 1900, it was the first time viewers were able to see a play called "Iphigenia in Tauris" written by the great Goethe.

The founders of the theater were made by the group of connoisseurs of this art, for this reason, the existence of an institution supported by private funds. Initially the Director was Berger, who adhered to the directions of stage realism. As performances typically used the works of the German classics, written by such playwrights and writers as Lessing, Shaw, Schiller, Ibsen, and others.

In 1955 he began a new stage in the development of the German drama theater, when the leader of the institution was Gryundgens, considered not only an excellent Director but also an actor. This is the time for the artists of the theater began the period of formation of new creative groups. As productions have used the beautiful works of both German and foreign classics. Almost all the works put on this great scene, met with a standing ovation and thunderous applause.

Drama theater in Hamburg has the largest stage in the country, in its hall can accommodate about 1,200 people. The building is carried out in the style of Viennese neo-Baroque, it resembles a large cake to decorate which is not spared of whipped cream.

The Deutsches Schauspielhaus theatre is located in a very convenient location, surrounded by other beautiful attractions of the city, which is a must-see for every tourist.