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Deutsches Museum: photos, description (Deutsches Museum)

The German Museum, located on the island of the river ISAR, is one of the oldest and largest museums of science and technology in the world. It was founded in 1903 by engineer Oskar von Miller. The Museum collection covers all periods of the development of technology.

18 thousand exhibits are located on seven floors of the Museum. On the bottom - heavy transport and sections on chemistry, physics, scientific instruments and Aeronautics. On the middle are placed the collection of decorative-applied art. Upper floors provided under the exhibits on astronomy and computers.

Here you can see copies of different mines, models of trains and ships, a planetarium, a restored laboratory of Galileo, the first car Karl Benz inlaid harpsichords of XVII century, enlarged model of a human cell and much more. The Museum has a special children's exhibition where you can touch everything with your hands.