/ / German Museum of gardening: photo, description (Deutsches Kleingaertnermuseum)

German Museum of gardening: photo, description (Deutsches Kleingaertnermuseum)

German Museum of horticulture is a one of a kind and amazing place where everyone can get acquainted with the history of development in Germany, private gardening, lasting 200 years.

German Museum of gardening was opened in 1996. In the Museum you can see a historical perspective of gardening - it all started with small plots of land given in use to grow vegetables for the poor after the Napoleonic wars, and ends with a real garden cooperatives of the twentieth century. Here are a variety of forms of emergence of horticultural societies of today.

Once inside this unique place, you can learn how to begin the movement of gardeners, in which an important role was played by the doctor of Leipzig, Gottlob Moritz Schreber. The main activity of schrebera was to work with children with poor health. He was busy searching for the best paths leading to healthy, and harmonious development of the child. His main idea was the creation of the gardens of small size, where each child was allocated a number of beds.

Among the exhibits of the Deutsches Museum of gardening one can find very rare and truly unique. For example, the summer house of the sample of the XIX century, which are decorative items, cups of cooperatives, their flags, pictures and many other items of that time period.

German Museum of horticulture is a wonderful place where you can not only admire the land, fully planted with shrubs and flowers of amazing beauty, but also to learn a lot of useful information about gardening.