/ / German bread Museum: photos, description (Museum der Brotkultur)

German bread Museum: photos, description (Museum der Brotkultur)

The Ulm can be proud not only of ancient history and medieval architecture, and modern attractions. One of them is the world's first bread Museum. In 1955, in one of the barns manufacturer Willy Alena was opened for the first visitors to the permanent exhibition, and since then she is constantly replenished and updated.

In the collection of the German Museum of bread collected more than 18 thousand exhibits, telling the history of growing grain, the improvement of the instruments of labor of farmers, millers and bakers, the importance of bread in human history. On two floors of the Museum are two permanent exhibitions: "From grain to bread" and "Man and bread".

Studying the exhibits, located on the first floor, can be traced back more than 6000 years history of production of bread, from the stone age to the present day. Here are the agricultural tools and bakeware from different eras, models, and films that illustrate the development of the mill case and bakery. In the Museum you can even choose to twist the ancient millstones and grind grain into flour.

The second exhibition will tell about the bread as necessary for the existence of our civilization as a symbol of life itself. Will impress some of the exhibits devoted to the periods of famine caused by crop failure and war, the policy of the state and occupation.

German bread Museum is also a rich specialized library is over 4,000 books in all languages of the world, devoted to bread and grain.