/ / German technical Museum, (Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin)

German technical Museum, (Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin)

Deutsches technikmuseum, founded in 1982, is located in the Kreuzberg district. Open and become available to the General public in 1983, it was called the Museum of transport and technology. It is a shelter for numerous technical devices, is presented as both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Essentially the German technical Museum is a real Park where you can see the water and the windmills, a brewery and a forge. New complex with the aviation and marine equipment perfectly fit into the old building urban style. The Museum has many interesting things can find people of different ages. Here are a huge number of various devices, units, transport. The exhibition, devoted to Aeronautics, shipbuilding, energy, film and photography, as well as other areas, is impressive in its scope.

The German technical Museum is located on the territory of 25 thousand square meters, its collections are housed in several modern and historical buildings. The exhibition surrounds the Park where periodically conduct special scientific and educational activities for children. More than one hundred collections of equipment that existed in the German capital since the end of the XX century, can visit each tourist. Given the size of the Museum, it is impossible to cover everything in one day. This is the place where you want to go back again to once more plunge into the atmosphere of the past.

A five-storey glass Museum was designed by German architects Ulrich and Helge volt Pticam. It was built on the site of the former depot, and on the roof placed the bomber C-47 Skytrain, which played an important role during the blockade of Berlin in 1948-1949, it allies brought food to the besieged city.