/ / New Episcopal residence: photo description (Neue Residenz)

New Episcopal residence: photo description (Neue Residenz)

A new Bishop's residence is a Palace where dwelt the princes-bishops of Bamberg. It was built in 1602 in Renaissance style under Philip Johann von Gebsattel. Work on the creation of this beautiful building was delayed almost a century. As a result, the Renaissance style was replaced by Baroque, which is reflected in the construction drawings, where we included all adjustments.

In the end, on a New residence worked for several generations of talented architects. For example, over the front of a majestic Palace, designed in Baroque style, worked Leonard Dienzenhofer, and over the garden and Park ensemble, Balthasar Neumann. 1803 was a turning point in the history of the residence began secularization and she became the property of the king.

The new Episcopal residence is known for its rich history, its walls have been a large number of very famous historical figures. For example, Napoleon loved to stay here, the Marshal of the army, Louis-Alexandre Berthier, and the king of Greece, Otto I, king of Prussia Frederick the Great spent time in this beautiful place.

Today a New Bishop's residence is open for visiting tourists. There is a large Public library, the national gallery, which houses a huge collection of old German and Baroque paintings, tapestries and furniture. Every visitor enters the beautiful garden, where you can see a large number of different varieties of roses. From this wonderful location offers a beautiful view of the Michaelsberg monastery and Bamberg. When you visit the residence you can enjoy the elegance of the interior, in particular interior areas such as Marble hall, Emperor and Mirror room.