/ / New town Hall: photos, description (Neues Rathaus)

New town Hall: photos, description (Neues Rathaus)

The Gothic revival building of the New town is located in the heart of the Old town - Marienplatz. Work on its construction lasted for more than 40 years (1867-1909.). A they were unhappy with the height of the town hall tower (85 meters) for fear that it will Eclipse the greatness of the Cathedral. But this did not happen.

The facade is decorated with numerous sculptures of Bavarian Dukes, kings and electors of mythological characters, a lot of gutters in the form of mythical creatures.

The tower of the New town Hall is one of the main attractions of the Bavarian capital - the famous striking clock. They hit at exactly 11 a.m., and from may to October also in the afternoon and 17 hours. At the same time one can observe the rotation of figures in two levels: on the top is depicted the tournament of 1568, arranged on the occasion of the wedding of Duke William V and Princess of Lorraine, and the bottom - swirling dance figures Bocharov, celebrating the end of the plague that struck the city in 1515-1517.