/ / New town Hall Leipzig: photo description (Neues Rathaus)

New town Hall Leipzig: photo description (Neues Rathaus)

Leipzig's old town hall is a majestic building, which is one of the most famous attractions of the city and its decoration. Originally in its place was located the castle of Pleissenburg, which was erected in the XIII century. It was demolished in 1890, and in 1897 the municipality of Leipzig announced a competition to design the new town hall. The main requirement for the architects was that the new building resembled a demolished castle. This competition was won by Hugo Licht, the Director of the Department of construction in the city of Leipzig.

By 1905 the building of the New town, occupied about 10 thousand square meters, was completely built, and its opening was held in the presence of the king of Saxony Friedrich August III. In architectural terms, this building has mixed several styles, here you can find elements of Gothic and art Nouveau. The facades of the town Hall decorated with various sculptures and bas-reliefs, turrets and Bay Windows. The Central part of the building is the 114-metre-high round tower, reminiscent of an ancient castle, formerly on this spot.

In creating the interior design of the New town Hall was attended by a talented artist of XX century, Fritz Schumacher, and sculptor Carl Seffner. Of particular interest is the carved wood staircase and conference room, which is preserved without any changes. In the lower and upper galleries of the New town Hall exhibitions and in the basement, which was formerly the town hall wine cellar is a restaurant called "Leipzig".

This building is currently the seat of the town Council and includes about 600 rooms. It is in this building meet the city authorities of Leipzig.