/ / New Synagogue: photos, description (Neue Synagoge)

New Synagogue: photos, description (Neue Synagoge)

The new Synagogue is located in the Mitte district of Berlin and is the main synagogue of the Jewish community of the capital. It was built in the period from 1859 to 1866, and then became one of the city's major architectural monuments of the XIX century.

This majestic building built in the Moorish style and is very reminiscent of the Alhambra. On the project of the synagogue worked Eduard Knoblauch, but to finish the construction failed due to serious illness, so the successor of this case is the Friedrich August Stuler. The facade of the building is different colored bricks, it is very richly decorated in the Oriental tradition. Colorblocking, unusual and even a bit whimsical ornaments gracing the New Synagogue. Despite the fact that it is considered slightly "pinched" between the structures built earlier, it looks very lush and harmonious.

On the wings of the structure are two small domes, reminiscent of the tents, between the Central luxurious dome with the edges gilt. At the entrance to the synagogue visitors first get into the front hall, and after that in the main, is designed for 3,000 people. This building was built with the increase of the population of Jews in Berlin, many of whom were immigrants who came from the East. Here are held not only worship, but also some public concerts. For example, in 1930, in the New Synagogue were conducted the violin Concerto, which was attended by albert Einstein.

During the war years the building was completely destroyed, fortunately many believers of this creed of the Jews rebuilt with all the features of the first building, but with some additions to the decor. Currently lush and truly magnificent New Synagogue continues its operation, and also attracts with its beautiful view of the large number of tourists.