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New custom: photo description (Neuer Zollhof)

New custom, the name was given to the modern complex of buildings erected in 1998 in the port area of düsseldorf - the capital of the Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Three high-rise buildings of unusual shape, quickly became a "business card" of the city.

The complex of buildings is located in the unterbilk district of düsseldorf, where in the 90-ies of the XIX century was built a large port on the river Rhine. After the war, this city block had to rebuild almost from scratch, and as a result, Unterbilk has become a real media center. First, in 1982 there was built a television tower, and in 1990 a competition was announced to design the new facilities in the port area. The first works were rejected, and only in 1994 was approved the plan of the American architect Frank Gehry. Very "New customs", though, and got its name because it was built on the site of the old customs yard, in fact, serves as a center of media and artistic center of the city. Since the area is a port, the whole complex got the name "Media harbour".

The building of the "New custom" in the style of deconstructivism. The complex consists of two asymmetric, so-called "leaning" buildings located at the sides of the Central structure. The side of the building has floors 11-14 and significantly above the average six-storey building. It is interesting that its Central body is made of stainless steel with a mirror finish and it reflects its surrounding the other two structures, which are specially painted in different colors - white and brick red. All three properties are separate buildings and are not interconnected.