/ / New castle: photo description (Neues Schloss)

New castle: photo description (Neues Schloss)

On top of a hill, majestically Florentinerberg New castle. Many centuries ago, it was the margraves of Baden, and at the present moment in the history of this historical monument turned into an exclusive hotel complex.

For the General public available only to a terrace with a breathtaking panorama of the resort and delightful citrus aroma that hovers over the square and castle, that gives a majestic complex of some halo-and even of mystery.

The place for the building of the residence was not accidental, since it is not far from the famous thermal springs. Just at the foot of the mountain ancient Romans built baths, which could stay for hours to relax and recharge, forget about problems.

In a relatively short period of time to Baden, a small settlement turned into a European city with a management system, which required personable and well protected structure. The castle, built in 1479 at the height of 212 m, and later was used as the residence of the Grand Dukes, who decorated the interior valuable items. Most of them were exhibited in 1995 in the sensational sale of the auction "Sotheby's", and in 2003, former residence of the princes acquired the Kuwaiti company, which converted it into a hotel complex of the exclusive level.