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The Neue Wache: photos, description (Neue Wache)

The memorial is the Neue Wache is one of the most striking examples of German Neoclassicism. This monument, which has a pretty hard life. The memorial was created in 1816, thanks to the work and talent of the architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. During its existence, the Neue Wache was reconstructed by more than once, its symbolism has also changed over the years.

Initially this monument of modernity was the guards quarters for the troops of the Prince of Prussia, was built by order of king Friedrich Wilhelm III. The structure had become a symbol of victory, a reminder of the role of Prussia in the wars. Looking at the front of the building, you can see the image of the goddess of victory, Nike, who decided the outcome of the battle. Noa Wache was the Royal Carolina until the moment when the German monarchy ceased to exist.

In 1931, the German government commissioned the architect Henry Tessenow to redesign the building into a monument in honor of soldiers who died in the First world war. The reforms involved the interior, which later turned into a memorial hall, in the dome which was specially made around the hole.

Injured by artillery shells during the Second world war, Noel Wache was in need of serious reconstruction. In 1960, the building was reopened to the public and was called Memorial to the victims of fascism and militarism. Subsequently, in the center of the inner hall were fitted with glass prism, which burned an eternal flame. In 1993 the Neue Wache has been installed copy of the sculpture the Story of Kolvica "Mother with dead son" ("Pieta"), made by Harald Hacke, with the inscription "Victims of war and tyranny".