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Alster lake: photos, description (Alster)

The real pride of the residents of the city of Hamburg is considered to be artificial but very picturesque lake Alster, surrounded by a beautiful Park, where there are some original sculptures, paths and gravel paths. Here tend to come many residents and tourists to enjoy the fresh air and just relax. You can look at a futuristic home, resulting from the extraordinary imagination of architects.

The Alster lake is in the center of the city, it was established in 1190, when such an order came from count Adolf III. In order to have such a beautiful resting place, it was necessary to implement the withdrawal of part of the tributary of the river Elbe. The lake itself consists of two parts: the inner lake, whose area is 18 hectares, and external with the size of 164 hectares.

Hamburg even has a relatively small navigable channel, and tributary length is 200 meters. It is called Small Alster, it every day float small boats and sailing vessels. Near the canal there is a stele dedicated to the memory of the victims of the First world war.

Around the outer Alster is the amazing beauty of the natural Park of the same name. In the spring this place attracts special attention, because in this period begins flowering cherry that is a real celebration for the Japanese community of Hamburg. It is celebrated since 1968, with fun and fireworks.

The shoreline of the lake is a public recreation area, where are located not only walking, but also Cycling paths. It is here that the citizens love to spend their free time and sports, for this reason this place is called "Paths of health". And being near a small lake, you can admire a beautiful fountain with a height of 60 meters.