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Osobnyak, Reichenauer Hof: photo description (Reichenauer Hof)

One of the most interesting houses in Ulm - mansion Reichenauer Hof - a striking example of the medieval Gothic. The date of construction is considered to be 1370, but the place was not chosen accidentally. On the one hand - the proximity of the Danube, city centre, such benefits were used at various times by the families of rich citizens, because in it lived a family of mayors and town councillors, seen here, and the Emperor Charles V, however, as a guest.

The building was renovated in 1535, in particular, it was attached to the wing. Among the distinctive features of the architecture can be called with vaulted ceilings, a consistent proportion of all facades, arched design. Inside the room are decorated with frescoes, this Gothic painting that today attracts interest. Luxurious painting smoothly from the ceilings to the walls, portraying not only intricate patterns but also love scenes. The famous Hall of Menestreli used for receptions, because he was decorated with a special sophistication.

After the devastation caused by the Second world war, the mansion was restored not long. However, in 1960 it was restored and used all preserved in the city archives of images and drawings. Now the building looks like to terrible destruction. In modern life this monument of architecture is one of the main tourist sites frequented by tourists from different countries.