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Church. Cross: photos, description (Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche)

Church of the Holy cross in Aachen - one of the city's many churches, this fascinating city is located on Pontstrasse. The beginning of its construction began in the 14th century, though then on this place was built only a small chapel made of stone. The Church that seeks its spire into the sky today, were built, destroyed and then built again for centuries. The first important stage in the construction of the Church SV. The cross can be traced to 1683, when it was built the nave and constructed the South portal. Construction completion is noted in 1770, and his long term was associated with the constant wars.

Today, the Church of SV. The cross consists of two different buildings built in the Gothic style and represent the ensemble. The construction of a second parish began in 1898, and the Church was finally consecrated in 1902. Decoration it looks amazing, largely through the stained glass Windows from the famous workshops in Cologne.

During the Second world war the Church was badly damaged. Her recovery was long, but today it's safe to say that the Church. Cross in Aachen - the highlight of Gothic architecture, a monument that is known far beyond the borders of Germany. In the process of postwar adjustment have been some changes: for example, the main altar was moved to the center of the Church. Today, there are services, which are not only city residents but also numerous tourists, because the Church is quite intimate in contrast to the huge cathedrals.

The Church is famous for its treasure trove: the long way through the centuries are collected here many of the exhibits are of value for understanding the history and culture of these places in the period from the 15th to the 20th century.