/ / Hunting castle Glienicke: photo description (Jagdschloss Glienicke)

Hunting castle Glienicke: photo description (Jagdschloss Glienicke)

Hunting Glienicke Palace is located on the border with Potsdam, in the South-Western part of the capital of Germany. In the beginning of its existence it was a Villa that belonged to Chancellor Hardenberg, which was purchased by Prince Friedrich Carl of Prussia. The Prince admired the art and culture of Italy, so he instructed the architect Schinkel to replace the harsh appearance of the building according to your preferences.

In 1826, Glienicke was renovated in the Italian style, convert is so liked Friedrich Karl, he made his residence. On the first floor were the state rooms, where you can get to the guest bedrooms. The courtyard became known as the Monastery, due to the fact that the Prince brought back some fragments of the monastery, situated on the Certosa island, near Venice.

Near the Palace was built in the Park a hunting Lodge, where Friedrich Karl kept horses and dogs. Before entering the residence is the Lion fountain, made similar to the Golden fountain, which was located then at the Villa Medici. In the garden you can get in two pavilions whose names were very unusual: a Small and a Large curiosity. The first of these was a tea house, another rotunda with several columns. Each pavilion has opened a wonderful view of the shore of the river, which was very picturesque.

In the Glienicke Hunting Palace and today you can see some ancient frescoes, brought by Prince Friedrich Carl of his travels in Italy. Due to the fact that they were concreted into the walls, they managed very well preserved. During the Second world war the Palace suffered damage from artillery shells, today in this beautiful historic place is the Museum, in the Western part of which is the Museum of the Palace gardens.