/ / The hunting Palace Grunewald: photos, description (Jagdschloss Grunewald)

The hunting Palace Grunewald: photos, description (Jagdschloss Grunewald)

The hunting Palace Grunewald is the oldest in Berlin. Its history dates back to 1542, when the elector Joachim II wished to become the owner of a very small hunting Lodge. The place for construction was chosen according to the wish and preference of the elector - he was very impressed by the beauty of the lake Grunewaldsee. Soon the order was given on the construction of the house in Dubrava.

Many historians believe that the architect was made by Kaspar, TASS. He and his team began to work on the project, which was subsequently made serious additions. After a year of construction on the shore of the lake stood a magnificent castle, designed in the Renaissance style. Despite the impressive sizes, Joachim II called the Palace "Home in the green forest, after a while all the surroundings became just as well.

At the beginning of the eighteenth century king of Prussia Frederick I ordered the reconstruction of the castle, as a result, all the original artwork was destroyed. Thanks to the efforts of Martin grünberg style of the building was changed to Baroque. Since the 1800s changed the name of the Palace, he became known as Grunwald, and the adjacent land.

Once the hunting Palace Grunewald has survived to the present time, and today it is a Museum, consisting not only of the Palace complex, but also from a Zoological and ethnographic halls. The castle is a beautiful place that impresses every tourist. Here you can admire the only in the German capital room of the Renaissance, and paintings by Lucas Cranach the Elder, his son, as well as paintings by German and Dutch painting of the period XV-XIX centuries. In the wing of the Palace is a unique exhibition of various hunting paraphernalia and trophies of the owner of this beautiful castle.