/ / Leaning house: photos, description (Schiefes Haus)

Leaning house: photos, description (Schiefes Haus)

One of the brightest examples of late-Gothic style, the Falling building in Ulm today is not just a local landmark. Traditional for some regions of Germany Fachwerk looks authentic, and besides, the house hangs over the water, which is also characteristic of medieval Ulm, which were mostly artisans of different professions. "Falling" this house is called because its slope is 9-10 degrees, which, of course, is not only the interest of tourists, but also disputes between architects and builders about how not to let it fall completely.

One of the main landmarks for tourists, the Falling house is located in the old quarter. The building dates from the 14th century and I am glad that has not changed their appearance from a distant 1443. Despite the fires and wars, this house has retained all of its characteristic features until the moss on the roof, and its interior, of course, changed quite often. Interesting architecture, full of complex engineering solutions: diagonal mounting of the first floor bear the main function and maintain the following floors. Wood used in construction belongs to the category of the ship, distinguished by a special strength.

The legends say that in the basement of this interesting house was formerly equipped with storage fish brought by local fishermen. Some changes have occurred in the mid-17th century, when the building was fortified and did not serve trading purposes. And since the end of 1995 in the house staged one of the most attractive tourist hotels: a joke, to spend a few days in the house, which has no analogue anywhere in the world!