/ / Bismarck monument: photos, description (Bismarck-Denkmal)

Bismarck monument: photos, description (Bismarck-Denkmal)

Among the impressive sights of Hamburg, the most prominent is the monument to Otto von Bismarck. Its height is 34 meters, which makes it visible from many points in the city. The monument is located in the old Elbpark, and it was created in the period from 1903 to 1906, made by gifted architect Emil Schaudt and the sculptor Hugo Lederer. The figure of the Chancellor is about 15 meters. The material chosen was black forest granite.

In order to erect a monument on the hill of the Park of the Elbe, had to work hard. This was due to the fact that the authorities of Hamburg have given their consent to the installation of a magnificent monument because of the rather controversial attitude of the Chancellor of the townsfolk. Before the construction and creation of the exposition was a competition among sculptors and architects. The condition of the authorities was that the tombstone is displayed not just the glory of Otto von Bismarck, and the greatness of the whole of Germany.

The authors of the monument made the statue as one of the knights of Charlemagne. Of particular interest is the basement, inside the room with wall painting and quotes of the Chancellor.

During bombardments in the Second world war, the monument was seriously damaged. After its restoration it was opened to visitors, but the interior is closed because of security reasons.