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Amusement Park Adventures: pictures, description (Legoland)

In 2002 in the town of günzburg, near Munich, was opened entertainment Park famous firm Lego. The Park is 140 hectares. Convenient location attracts tourists visiting Munich or Stuttgart.

In the Park children and adults waiting more than 40 rides, interactive games, shows and performances. All that the Lego offers in the field of toys and goods for children is reflected in the new Park in Günzburg, and at the highest technical level. The Park is 140 hectares and is surrounded by picturesque woodland. The Park is focused on families with children from 2 to 13 years. As the experience of other similar parks in Denmark, great Britain, United States, guests in the Park, spend an average of 6-7 hours. Of the 50 million LEGO bricks, children can build a wonderful, often quite large (up to 7 meters high!), figures of animals, fantastic characters, models of famous buildings and of buildings, and it's a pleasure for the whole day.