/ / The amusement Park Hansa Park: photo description (Hansa Park)

The amusement Park Hansa Park: photo description (Hansa Park)

Hansa Park is located on the coast of the Baltic sea, 30 km from lübeck. In the Park 11 zones (worlds of adventure), 125 different rides and attractions and the biggest and most popular in the Northern German variety theatre.

The attraction "Space Scooter" you can go to the unknown expanses of distant galaxies, walk on the other, are tastefully decorated themed areas of the Park overlooking the open sea. You will be asked to watch the elegant ballet and variety show featuring the best international artists, funny show with sea lions, water circus, and art of the African acrobats.

Hansa Park - a place for thrill-seekers. A sharp turn up and sharply down a turn and a loop, but this time it enters the tank engine with carriages. Gravity disappears, it seems that the pilots of the loop and passengers on the train can touch each other. While the monorail is out of the loop, the train makes a full circle around her tracks and for some time both trains to race at different heights in parallel. Two attractions woven into each other. Nothing like in Europe, no! Here, Flying shark, puffin, Superwood and other thrilling rides. The Park has all conditions for quiet vacation with kids, which can be, for example, to send on a small rail car in ' Safari in the Park.

Children's theatre and live music will enchant young guests. And the culmination of the daily program at the Hansa Park is a colourful festival of dance and music. More than 60 actors, dressed in colorful, original costumes will give You unforgettable moments of this day. Pink elephants, penguins, gorillas hand will meet young visitors to the Park on a colorfully decorated cars will join in a common feast and dancing under the summer music.