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The Lustgarten Park: photo description (Lustgarten)

Located not far from the Cathedral, in the heart of Museum island, the Lustgarten, the Park became a place where at different times held mass events, or used it as a military parade ground. In the XVI century were concentrated here, the farm Palace, which subsequently became the residence of the elector of Brandenburg.

If in 1946, this beautiful place was to create a real English garden, where many magnificent fountains and geometrically arranged pathways in 1713 Park was a military parade ground, covered with sand. Tacos order issued by king Frederick Wilhelm I, who sought to create a of the great of Prussia militarized country.

In the XIX century, the Park took its special characteristics in this period thanks to the work of the talented architect Schenkel was erected, the Old building of the Museum, impressive for its size. Trinadcatiletnie fountain stood in the center Lustgarten, he worked on the steam engine, which was a miracle of technics of that era. Despite his singularity, he has failed to stay long in the Park, and in 1871 is an amazing fountain was a statue of Friedrich Wilhelm III.

The second world war has not passed by this amazingly beautiful place, the Park was almost destroyed. Only many years later, the Lustgarten was a long-awaited restoration and renewal. In 1998, work began on recreating the beautiful view of the Park, entrusted to the architect Hans Loidl. He had to create a landscape in the spirit of Lenne. Today this place attracts a large number of citizens and tourists for its fountains, extraordinary beauty and charm.